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Stevens, Toni. Carla.
"To the world -  a "les", to her lovers - "Butch", to herself - a "Tramp"
Carla is having an affair with Jamie (a lesbian in a 'committed' relationship), but what Carla REALLY wants is true love. In her search for this, she goes home with Sorel, a seriously predatory lesbian who – now that she has her hands on Carla – viciously sexually assaults her. Unlike a lot of pulp trash heroines, Carla is devastated by the assault (usually they seem to bounce back very quickly). Carla has a couple more affairs, but in the end is back with Jamie who has (maybe?) left her lover for Carla.
The writing is actually better than the trashiness of the story would suggest. This book is packaged very much as male voyeurism by Softcover which appears to have republished lesbian pulp in the 70s. If this was written by a man, it is more well done than most. There is also a fair amount of sympathy for Carla. She is presented as a kind of a lost soul, but, unlike many lesbian protagonists, she does not spend endless time sleeping with men and wondering if she is a lesbian or not. Ironically, the only real standard thing in this novel is the protagonist getting raped, and even that is done by a woman.
CONTENTS: f-f sex, f-f rape
c2007 melodie morgan frances


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