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Diana, the Autobiography of a Strange Love

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago
This novel presents itself as autobiography – I have no reason to think otherwise. It is written in a very factual style. The author appears to be presenting as objective of a picture as she can as a kind of case study of a lesbian. She takes the 'lesbian as stunted growth' approach.
Diana goes through her youth as a tomboy, falls in love with a friend and is horrified to discover the word lesbian and what it means. She does try one relationship with a man, but it doesn’t' work so she accepts her lesbianism. She has a couple fling things and then settles down with Jane – a woman who does not accept her lesbianism until Diana shows her how. With her new found acceptance Jane leaves Diana, gets involved with a married woman, and then comes back to seduce Diana's new love. Thankfully, Diana and her love survive Jane's interference and are together at the end of the book.
Jaye Zimet puts this book in the 'Cliterature' section of her book.
No rape (amazingly) and no sleazy sex. F-f sex, m-f sex. No drinking or bars.
c2007 melodie morgan frances


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