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Pseudonyms                                        Real Name
Aldrich, Ann                                         Meaker, Marijane
Bannon, Ann                                        Weldy, Ann
Britain, Sloane                                      Williams, Elaine
Briton, Sloane                                       Williams, Elaine
Chapman, Lee                                      Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Christian, Paula                                    Eastwood, Helen Baker
De Jourlet, Marie                                  Little, Paul Hugo, 1915-1987
Ellis, Joan                                             Ellis, Julie
Gardner, Miriam                                   Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Harding, Kenneth                                 Little, Paul Hugo          
Hastings, March                                   Singer, Sally
Ives, Morgan                                        Bradley, Marion Zimmer
James, Leigh Franklin                            Little, Paul Hugo
Little, Paula                                          Little, Paul Hugo
Minton, Paula                                       Little, Paul Hugo 
Morgan, Claire                                     Highsmith, Patricia
Packer, Vin                                          Meaker, Marijane
Paul, Hugo                                           Little, Paul Hugo 
Salem, Randy                                       Pardee, Pat
Sharon, Sylvia                                      Little, Paul Hugo
Taylor, Valerie                                     Young, Velma                                     


Many of these authors never used their real names, and several of them have more than one psuedonymn.




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