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Tender Torment

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 7 months ago
Salem, Randy. Tender Torment. Midwood, c1962.
"Her marriage was born in Hell - her husband was a woman."
Butch Alex has lived with femme Dede for four years. They fight all the time, mostly because neither of them really believes that the other one loves them. Dede's brother and wife and the wife's brother (who had been engaged to Dede) move in next door. Sleaze of all sorts follows. Dede and Alex end up (back) together.
I'm not sure what anyone did for a living except Laura, the prostitute that Alex can't get out of her system, and Richard, the psychiatrist who's been having an affair with his sister all his life.
Grier says of this writer that her writing seemed to get worse through the years. I would have to agree.
CONTENTS: m-f rape, f-f rape, f-f sex. Bar. Drinking.


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